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About EduCraft, LLC

EduCraft, LLC was founded in late December of 2012 by Mackenzie Fixler.  Since then EduCraft has been working with local schools in Santa Barbara to promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) based learning for grade school children.  During the summer EduCraft offers a curriculum of nine unique classes.  These classes cover topics such as robotics, 3D printing, circuitry, and programming.




Mack Fixler

Mack Fixler is the founder of EduCraft, and a Santa Barbara local. Shortly after moving to Santa Barbara he discovered his love for teaching, and chose to pursue that interest full time.    On top of teaching full time during the school year, Mack has mentored multiple championship level robotics teams in Botball, FLL, and FRC.  Mack has also worked with many schools in Santa Barbara to help develop technology programs and curricula that are appropriate for their students.  Outside of working with schools, Mack has also served as a content author for Autodesk’s Project Ignite, and as a content editor for Electronink’s Circuit Scribe workbook.  When Mack isn’t working on growing EduCraft, you can find him tinkering away on his 3D printers or working on cool maker projects.




John GommHeadshotSky

John Gomm has spent almost his entire life in educational institutions, completing three college degrees (BSc, Masters and PhD) in chemistry, then four years post-graduate work at UC Santa Barbara before joining Garden Street Academy in 2007 instructing high school chemistry, physics and math students. He has been using 3D printers since 2009 when he got excited about them for bronze casting.  Recently, he has got really excited about 3D scanning, laser cutters for pewter casting and making wooden swords for his 2-year old. If he could figure out a way to cast a bronze robot that wielded a laser sword as it scanned the world around it, he’d be really proud.




Matthew KisselMatt Pic 2

Matt spent his entire adult life working with children and youths in some sort of capacity and has always enjoyed the fulfilling challenge of running programs with young people; he also finds it very entertaining! He grew up in Long Beach where he played classical guitar, orchestral string bass, and waterpolo. College brought him to Santa Barbara where he majored in music at Westmont College. Some of his favorite experiences were being in school musicals, playing in a jazz combo, and staying up late with friends playing videogames or talking. In 2012 he completed a Masters of Education at UCSB and started a career as a full-time teacher at Garden Street Academy.  Some interesting facts about him are: he ran a marathon, he has a twin brother, and he was on a soap opera in the 1980s.